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    • Small but powerful
    • Light but Powerful
    • 100% automatic digital calibration,with no decrease in measurement accuracy
    • Light body together with stable performance
    • Clinical data Fitting
    • Measurement accuracy up to 97.71%
    • Update chip,real-time response, double sensibility
    • Innovation algorithm, intelligent anti-interference
    • 2.4" LCD Screen
    • Clear interface, see only at a glance
    • Various colors,segment dispay the trace of touch probe in root canal
    • Soft color,Light distribution with no glare, comfortable vision
    • Surface design
    • IMD mold injection shell,avoiding scratch, resistant to wipe
    • Multi frequency independent network measuring technique
    • Alarm rings when the distance between root canal needle and root canal is less than 2 mm

    Technical Data:

    • Weight: 71g
    • Dimension: 70mm X 62mm X 20mm
    • Battery: 3.7V/mAh
    • Power consumption:≤ 0.5W
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